Monday, June 17, 2013

Parenting Baby....

We were on our way out to the car, headed to help Miss Karen make cupcakes for her sister’s birthday. I let Ladybird walk to her seat, like I always do because she’s a big girl now, you know.

We’re working on what babies can and can’t touch out in the garage, so on her way to her seat she pointed to the litter box and said “kiki’s (her word for kitty)... Maaaooowww!”

“Yes, baby, that’s Lola’s. NOT for baby’s”

Then, she pointed to Lola’s food and water “Muss!” (mess)

“That’s right! Mess!”

I had gotten ahead of her to unlock the car and set the diaper bag inside and turned around just in time to watch the Bird shove her hand through the wheel of Daniel’s car and pull it out a greasy mess.

“Uh oh, mama”

“Vivi! No!”

In two strides I grabbed her hand before she could smear it on her adorable new outfit or across her face. I held her tiny grubby hand in mine out where she could see it, pointed at the tire and said “No Vivi. Mess! See? Ack! Now we have to wash hands! No! No! No! No! No! No!”

We went back inside and washed the greasy mess off her hands as she oohed and ahhed over the soap bubbles in the sink.

When I set her back down to try the walk out to the car again, because big girls get second chances, I held her hand this time to keep her from the tire.

As we walked past daddy’s car, Vivi stopped, pointed at the tire and said “No! No! No! No! No! No! No!”

Starting to feel a little bad, but happy she got the message, I said “That’s right, NOT for babies.”

Once she was strapped in, Vivi requested her baby, who we just call Baby.

“Hold you?” Vivi said to baby, as she pulled her in for a squeeze. “Awwww.”

As I pulled on to the freeway, about 5 minutes from the house, Vivi’s quiet voice from the back seat emerged with “Mama, baby cwying.”

“Oh no, Vivi! Hold the baby! Kiss the baby! Make the baby feel better!”

Vivi did as I said, and as I watched in my rear-view mirror, my heart started to warm. But just as quickly, Vivi yanked baby out from her chest, grabbed baby by the hand and, dangling the baby in front of her said,  “No! Mess! Ack! No! No! No! No! No! No!”

And then, there it was again....

“Mama, Baby cwying….”


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