Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vivian: A Cliff’s Note’s version (Months 10&11)

October- 10 months
We’re walking up a storm, practicing and looking like a drunken sailor. Mama and Daddy plan a Halloween costume, because when you have a baby as tiny as Miss Vivi that’s walking, you take it Trick or Treating! We decide on Han Solo, Leia and Yoda. Vivi is a really good sport and walks to all the houses in 2 neighborhoods, but instead of grabbing the candy, she really just wants to re organize it for them, or give them her candy. She’s not quite clear on the concept, but it’s adorable nonetheless.

November- 11 months
We are brave girls and say goodbye to daddy at the beginning of the month for a career move that takes him to New York for awhile (ends up being 7 ½ weeks) it’s hard but it’s what’s best for our family at the time. 

 We go to Apple Hill for your first visit and you have an apple donut. You’re teething like crazy and are quite fussy. Even though you’re walking and mobile, you want to be carried and strapped to Mama’s chest in the Moby when you’re teething and hurt. That’s how I know you don’t feel well. This month you started crawling up the stairs for bath time by yourself. I still carry you downstairs, but your little naked butt going upstairs is the highlight of these long, lonely nights. We Skype with daddy most nights, and it’s hard for him to be away from you. Sometimes he’ll call to sing you to sleep, but it’s not the same for him or for you…..so we don’t do that very often.You’re changing so much. When he left you only had 4 teeth, now you have 6-8. You can blow kisses. I sent him a video of you blowing him a kiss. I also sent him a box with a photo of you and me inside. It’s one of my favorites…

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