Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Vivian: A Cliff's Note's Version 7-9 Months

Because her baby book is severely lacking in the “write cute stuff the kid does __ here___” and because this kid does some seriously  cute stuff. I mean, most kids do, but this kid? Takes. The. Cake.

I mean, seriously.

Let’s catch up!

July- 7 months
Still just a tiny squirt, but sitting up unassisted and trying super hard to crawl. Loves to blow raspberries and loves water. Had her first fourth of July and slept right through the fireworks. Papa and Nana took us to Frosty Freeze in auburn and she had her first taste of ice cream cone.
WE LOVE THAT STUFF! Face plant right into it. Yum!

August- 8 Months
Started crawling….. well,  a military crawl. We get really frustrated when we put our hands down and the bottoms of our feet on the floor with our bottom straight up in the air and our forehead on the floor and can’t move anywhere because we just don’t have the strength yet to stand up. We can stand up against furniture, and can walk a few steps that way, so why can’t we walk on our own?! This month mama caught video of us pushing a half full laundry basket around the living room….. holy smokes!

September- 9 Months
At the beginning of the month, we started crawling for reals! Our favorite thing to do is crawl to the bookcases with the DVDs on them and pull out all the DVDs…. Super fun and messy!

But wait…..

At the end of the month, Daddy’s at home watching the State of the Union, and Vivi crawls over to the DVD bookcase, stands to the second shelf, grabs Shaun of the Dead, turns around and walks back to him. The best part? He caught it on tape for mama to see!


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